"For me the most interesting part was the culture evening with the performances. We got to know the cultural values and traditions of all country. I think the 'Humans of Europe ' exhibiton was also an interesting part because we saw so many different opinion about discrimination. We could try typical food in the buffet. But my favourite part was when the students performed some traditional dances."
(Bettina Horváth)

"The trip in Prague was amazing,I really enjoyed visiting the city's well-known sights. It was also a good experience in Prague at the invisible exhibition to feel how do blind people live.It was also interesting when we watched the lynx and the deers in the Sumava mountain. I also enjoyed working in international teams while we were working on the project."
(Kamilla Végh)

"I think this project meeting in Susice was an unforgettable experience for everyone. Although the weather was really cold, we had a great time together. For me the best was to meet so many different people from different nationalities. Everyone was a unique character. I made many new friends and also learned much about the differencies in our cultures. The trips to Prague and to the Sumava mountains were memorable too. These places worth to be visited. I really enjoyed the whole week."
(Vanda Végh)

"I think the cultural evening was the best part of the whole projekt. It was on the last day,on Friday evening. It was organised in a small club,called Prostor. During the evening every nation presented their cultural programme. Through these performances we could know other nations' traditions and their countries better. After the preformances there was a buffet, where we can taste the other participation countries' food and drinks. In my opinion it was a great ending of an amazing project."
(Luca Markovics)

"We spent one week in the Czech Republic in the framework of an Erasmus+ project. It was a terrific opportunity to see different places, meet new people and work together with them. The best experience is that we could meet lots of fantastic and interesting people from the other sides of Europe. I feel that I made lifelong relationships there. I appreciated that in Friday evening we could meet the culture of different countries personally from the other students. And of course, it was a really big pleasure to see such a fabulous place like the city of Prague or the Sumava mountains."
(Dávid Grünwald)

"Our journey to Susice was very great and informative. We have learned much about the aspects of prejudices. All the countries worked hard together during the week. The people were really friendly and hard-working so the atmosphere was really good. We have spent a lof of time together in our free time too. The programs were exciting and well-organized. For me, the most exciting was when we have worked in international groups and played volleyball, searched for checkpoints in Susice and worked on the posters. Overall I think that our project was very useful and absolutely successful."
(Milán Szlávich)

"The day when we went to the Sumava mountains was the most interesting for me. The landscape was really gorgeous and there was more than 1 meter snow so I was really happy because I love the snow very much. In the Sumava national park we saw lynx that I have never seen before. On this day we also visited a beautiful ancient church on the top of a hill after the church we visited a glass-blower factory. Before we visited the glass-blower factory I hadn’t thought that it is so interesting. As the glass-blower was doing his work we were just standing by and we were staring in amazement. In my opinion his profession is unbelievable, from a simply glass ball he can do a beautiful glass bird without any strain. I think it is an unforgettable experience."
(András Haszán)

"My most interesting experience was the time that I spent in Prague because I always wanted to go there. We have seen the Charles Bridge, Vltava river, Prague Castle, the Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock, National Gallery, Lennon Wall, National Theatre and many other sights. When we had free time we go to Palladium with some czech students. On the way back to Šusice, we were listening to music and sing together the songs, there was an amazing ambiance."
(Petra Fülöp)

"I have never been so far from my family so I was frightened. But my host was friendly and kind I got on well with her. I ate lots of traditional Czech food, that her mother cooked and we drank original Czech beer. The other students were friendly I talked a lot with them. We have a group on the internet and every day we talk. I could use English a lot and I think it improved."
(Klaudia Lengyel)

"Our trip to the Czech Republic was very useful and funny. We could learn a lot about each others’ culture and habits and because we couldn’t use our own languages, our English has improved a lot too because of this. We could see how other people live in a foreign country so we could compare our own. We had a very great time there and I can say there were no limits of being tolerant between the students. Everybody got on well with the others. I think, the best part of it for me was when we were in Prague, when we were looking for the checkpoints in Susice and when in the individual free time we played bowling with the Czech students."
(Gréta Varga)

FOTO Project 2018  -  Erasmus+  -  Jurisich Miklós Gimnázium Kőszeg, Hungary